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Fan Questions Tear Down International Model David Witko On ‘Ash Williams Live’

With The Bachelorette coming to an end tonight, it seems only natural that the show’s infamous “international model” would jump on his final five minutes of fame. 

David Witko, who is hated by some thanks to his judgements of Sam Frost, agreed to a segment on Ash Williams Live, where he was asked by 15-year-old girl and 59-year-old man why he is, well, the way he is.

Basically they call him a term which we can’t condone or encourage, however, both questions basically asked, in polite terms, why he’s such a dickhead. David laughed the questions off, before plugging the same upcoming skincare brand we heard him drop on Episode 1. “It’s all secret right now, mate,” David told Ash. “But it involves skin… care.”

We don’t know if it’s more embarrassing that people questioned him as a human, or the fact that he’s added fuel to the rumours that he went on this show to boost his profile. With only 7,000-ish followers on Instagram, his profile’s looking pretty bleak compared to Sam’s other suitors, who, you know, treated her with more respect.