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Louise Van De Vorst Is Pregnant

Major Aussie model Louise Van de Vorst has announced she and 30-year-old actor Jaime Robbie Reyne are having a baby, sharing a nude shot of her growing bump on Instagram over the weekend.

“We’re having a baby!” the 27-year-old model wrote alongside the black-and-white snap, where she can be seen holding flowers over the lady parts.

Louise, who has been popularly described as “alien-chic”, has quite the high-profile dating history. She dated singer Daniel Johns for almost four years until 2012, and was engaged to professional surfer Nathan Webster in 2013.

Jaime has been engaged to Louise since July, and shared his excitement of their pregnancy news on Instagram as well. “My baby’s having my baby!!! Love you forever @louisevandevorst,” he wrote.


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We can’t be sure how far along she is, but we’re certain that’s going to be one beautiful baby.