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The Internet Is Cracking Up Over the Vagina Dress

Excuse me, your vagina is showing.

An Aussie mum has purchased a brand new Wayne Cooper dress from Myer this week, only to be laughed at by her husband while trying it on for him back at home. Don’t worry, he had good reason. Although she definitely looked dashing, the shift dress’ print looks like it was made up of several kaleidoscopic vaginas. Yep. And you thought #DressGate was bad.

As you can imagine, the Internet has been having an absolute field day with this one. Thanks to blogger School Mum posting a pic of herself in the fleshy-toned dress to her Facebook page, we’ve quickly realised that plenty of other women have faced the sticky situation themselves. #SorryNotSorry

One woman says she tried the same dress on in the changing room only to have her 15-year-old daughter laugh and ask her to take it off, while another Facebook user realised she had the top version of the piece, writing, “Omg this is exactly what my shirt looks like – it’s a Wayne cooper …. It looks like boobs and vag [sic].” 

Look, the piece itself isn’t so bad with the unfortunately shaped vajazzled collar area, it’s just a tad bit revealing. But if you can get past having multiple private parts, the feminine frock is a total snatch at only $219 from Myer. Check the department store’s website for opening times. Puns totally intended. 

Photo: Myer

Photo: Myer

Wayne Cooper has been contacted for comment.