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Nicole Trunfio Reveals Weird Technique Used to Get Her Body Back After Giving Birth

Nicole Trunfio at ELLE Style Awards 2015

Photo: Getty

How celebrities get their pre-baby bodies back just months after giving birth will always baffle us, and is something that we usually put down to superhuman genes. 

But Aussie model Nicole Trunfio, who gave birth to her first child, Zion, in January this year, let us in on a little secret at the 2015 ELLE Style Awards last week, where everyone was amazed by her post-baby physique. 

“I wore a wrap and binded my stomach straight after giving birth, 24/7 for three months,” she told E! Australia’s The Hype, revealing she took a page from the Ancient Egyptians and basically mummified herself.

However, Nicole has also revealed in an Instagram post that intense boxing workouts have helped her stay toned too, saying, “Thanks to BOXING and determination I finally have my mind and body back after pregnancy and #postpartum baby brain (yes, it is a thing).”

[Via The Hype]