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WATCH: Rebel Wilson Proves the Pain of High Heels on The Ellen Show

Rebel Wilson on Ellen

Photo: EllenTube

Rebel Wilson has put her inability to walk in high heels to good use on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, taking on an entire obstacle course in under 60 seconds all while wearing a pair of sky-high shoes.

“There’s a lot of things I’m not good at — running, making healthy choices at restaurants — but the worst thing is walking in high heels. I cannot do it,” the 35-year-old Aussie actress revealed.

Naturally she was put to the test by Ellen and asked to climb, dart and dribble like she was in primary school all over again, only this time she was asked to spin around for some appropriate dizziness first, do the whole thing with a martini in her hand, and wear some epic heels, of course. Don’t worry, she had a Footlocker staff member/coach alongside her to make sure she was safe.

As expected, Rebel did the whole thing in hilarious fashion. For someone who claims she “cannot” do high heels bigger than the kitten style she was wearing, we’d say the Torrid designer did a pretty phenom job.

She’s an inspiration, really, and is kind of prompting us to set up an obstacle course in our houses for some solid practice to take to the real world. Watch the video for yourself below.