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WATCH: Aussie Who Ousted Social Media Cries Happy Tears, ‘Overwhelmed’ by Response

She’s become the household name that everybody is talking about after revealing an unattractive reality behind social media, and now Aussie teen Essena O’Neill wants everyone to know how grateful she is for the positive reactions in a teary new video.

Dubbed “Overwhelmed and Beyond Words Grateful”, Essena fronts the camera with her new-found au naturel look, crying throughout the entire heartfelt soliloquy as she shows viewers her very, very full inbox.

Telling us all that she has never “been happier than this moment”, Essena reveals that she was “scared” about how her story might be perceived, wondering if people even wanted to be exposed to the controversial truth of social media, which has noticeably escalated during the last few years.

“It was two days ago when I released this site, I was really scared,” she explained in the video. “I was scared that no one wants to hear the truth, that everyone’s going to think I’m an attention seeker, that I’m just complaining. But this message that likes, followers, views, that we’re more than a number, it’s going global.”

Turns out Australia’s The Project and Good Morning America are among those interested to know more about the influencer business, with Essena revealing emails from the media outlets in the clip and proving how fast the internet travels after releasing her website only a few days ago. “I love The Project, I watch that most days!” she cried.

We should probably all tune in to The Project tonight, just in case, because she probs took that offer up.

[Via Lets Be Game Changers]