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Shocker: Kim Kardashian Photoshops Her Pics


Kim Kardashian didn’t become a selfie expert overnight. It took years of practice studying her angles, finding the most flattering lighting and mastering the art of airbrushing. This week, Kim inadvertently exposed her (or her assistant’s) Photoshopping skills when she posted a retouched image to Instagram and Twitter, and the unedited picture to Facebook.

Kim Kardashian’s Selfies Get Turned into Works of Art in Hilarious New Tumblr ]

No big deal except someone saved the original image before she could delete it and created a GIF so we can see exactly what “problems” Kim tackles in her editing app. First, she got rid of some skin around her neck (which she usually hides with a choker, but I digress…). Next, she smoothed down her ponytail and got rid of flyaways because selfie experts don’t have flyaways! Both minor changes that probably didn’t need retouching but what else do you expect from the woman who created a book from pictures of her face?

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