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Is Justin Bieber Scorning Bette Midler For Being A ‘Meddler’ In His Personal Life?

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber has spewed some hocus pocus nonsense about not knowing that Bette Midler’s our hero and everything we wish we could be, saying he doesn’t even know who the First Wives Club actress is at all. 

She was brought up in a recent interview with Billboard magazine, where the 21-year-old claimed he doesn’t even know who this 69-year-old woman is after she tweeted about his personal life. “This Britt Meddler. I don’t even know who that is, honestly,” he said. 

Bette Midler


Now, we’re not sure if that was a genuine slip-up or he’s having a nice dig at Bette’s meddling for putting in her two cents on the saga that was Justin’s penis earlier this year. 

After Justin’s father, Jeremy, praised his son’s big-boy parts by asking, “What do you feed that thing?”, throwing in a “#Proud daddy” hashtag while he was at it, because genetics, Bette bit back with a tweet reading, “The biggest d-ck in the situation is the dad who abandoned his son.”



Justin explained that he refrained from feeding anything in that situation, namely the bad vibes that would have emerged if he publicly revealed that he didn’t know who Bette was. He told the publication, “I wanted to immediately say, ‘Who is this lady?’ but then I’m just feeding this negativity.” 

But he’s saying it now, so we guess he eventually satisfied that negative hunger after all. While CC Bloom would never stand for this, Bette seems to be taking Justin’s comments in her stride, retweeting a post from parody count Britt Meddler.

We’ll keep an eye on her socials for any comebacks as jaw-dropping as her last, but until then we’ll continue to wonder who we should feel more sorry for in this situation. Bette, who has been a recognised figure in the industry for decades now, or the “Sorry” singer who has clearly never seen Hocus Pocus, because that too would be hard.

Bette Middler



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