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WATCH: Ryan Reynolds’ Impersonation of Hugh Jackman Will Give You Nightmares

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman

Photo: WENN

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have to be two of the hunkiest men of Hollywood, however, when one tries to be the other it quickly ends up in the Horror section of the video store, or Netflix category, or whatever new-age film services your are currently using. Point is, it’s bloody scary.

The Australian Wolverine posted an Instagram video on Monday of Ryan impersonating him, but was, unfortunately for our eyes and our dreams tonight, decked out in his Deadpool prosthetic makeup. 


Presenting … ME by HIM. @vancityreynolds #SMA

A video posted by Hugh Jackman (@thehughjackman) on

“G’Day mate. Hugh Jackman here,” Ryan says in a wildly unconvincing Aussie accent. “Just reminding you to get your votes in for People‘s Sexiest Man Live. Cover’s coming up,” he continued, freaky as all hell. Even though Hugh was crowned People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2008, Blake Lively’s husband clearly thinks he deserves to win the title all over again. 

Watch the video for yourself in the Instagram post above. Be wary, though, because you’ll never look at Ryan the same ever again in this all-confusing change-up. 

Sweet dreams.