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Model Cassi van den Dungen’s Controversial Instagram Post Was ‘Just a Bit of Fun’


There’s been a lot of buzz around the value of social media recently (thanks in no small part to Essena O’Neill), with countless users ironically using the cyber platform to express their point of view surrounding likes, followers and comments and what this attention means. Because what ever happened to real world problems anyway? 

Model Cassi van den Dungen is just one of the many unsatisfied social media users who seems to be having a never-ending bad day on Instagram, after sharing a post with her some 8,000 followers which received, in her opinion, a mere and disappointing 14 likes.

She’s taken to social media since, because it served her so well last time, to respond to the many fans and trolls labelling her as “attention seeking” and “delusional” due to her seemingly relatable engagement level. Ouch! Cassi proceeded to reassure the online community that her post was “just a bit of fun”, thanking everyone for participating in her “games” and stating that “it’s been fun watching the reactions of people”. 


Ok ok ok. Looks like my post this morning has gone too far now…… To get things straight and to quote myself it…

Posted by Cassi van den Dungen Fan Page on Tuesday, 10 November 2015

In reality, we’re all too familiar with receiving an undesired amount of likes on social media, however, in the real world we tend to take it with a grain of salt. When did we start lashing out due to unliked photographs anyway? Is there a new social media guide book out there somewhere? 

Two weeks and plenty of media coverage later, Cassi’s Instagram post, which originally did not exceed her cyber expectations, is currently sitting on 510 likes while her open letter to “All the people who cracked it or spent time talking about this” received a respectable 256 on Instagram. She also received over 1,000 new followers in the last 24 hours, so now we’re left asking the question: what the hell is the matter? 

Ironically, she thinks all us social media folk are just too serious these days, further suggesting that we all “Lighten Up!!!!” We’re not sure about you, Cassi, but you’re going to have to do better than a black and white quote to garner likes from us. That’s right, the social media crowd is hard to please these days. 

Whatever the problem seemed to be, Cassi has serious issues with social media land and those who inhabit it, stating that she simply doesn’t care about social media at all or anyone else’s opinions, which is probably a good thing at this stage as the feedback is placing her in Essena O’Neil territory.

Now, who will be next to unleash the Instagram army?