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WATCH: The First Boy In A Barbie Advertisement Fiercely Breaks Down Gender Barriers

Barbie creators Mattel have finally publicly recognised that girls and boys like to play with dolls.

In a new advertisement for the limited-edition Moschino Barbie, we see a mini Jeremy Scott look-a-like adorably hold Barb’s bag in his fingers and tell us why all 700 dolls sold out in under an hour: “It’s so fierce.” Natch.

In what’s set to be a stepping stone for more inclusion and equality with children in toy advertisements, it’s a brilliant reminder that not only do children play, and have for decades, with toys regardless of their gender stereotype, but that it’s ok to as well.

Gender equality isn’t all the ad brings us, with racial diversity also shown with the two girls, as well as the actual Barbies, who feature in the commercial. This comes a few months after Mattel created a custom doll for Zendaya dressed in her now-infamous 2015 Oscar’s look.

 Here’s hoping that this barrier breaking becomes a regular thing. It is 2015, after all.