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Everything You Need to Know About Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Australian Visit

Kendall and Kylie Jenner in Sydney

In case you were living under a rock over the last two days, Kendall and Kylie Jenner arrived in Sydney this week and took Sydney and Melbourne by storm, respectively. Down under on official Forever New business to launch their collaboration with the chain retailer, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan hit

the sights, media lunches, official meet-and-greets, interviews and stayed in one of the most epic hotels even they have seen in their life. Scroll through below for our full recap.



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They really oughtta rename that reality show of theirs to Keeping Up With Kylie, because we’re blessing her cotton socks for keeping us so up to date during her stay down under. Even just a photo of her hand with the caption “Australia” let us know that she was on her way, plus a selfie in a hotel mirror with a present from local fashion PR company Tailormaid on the desk.


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Meanwhile, Kendall posted a photo of her walking towards paparazzi’s at Sydney airport, but without the “quick trip” caption and our knowledge of what she was wearing yesterday, we wouldn’t have known the context of the pic.


P Sherman 42 wallaby way Sydney

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The girls then checked out Sydney’s sights while boating around the Harbour, with Kylie referencing Sydney-related Finding Nemo quotes like “P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney”, proving her memory is at least as good as Dory’s.


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What followed the boat trip was a sit-down lunch at Rose Bay, with The Sydney Morning Herald reporting that the pair kept media waiting for up to 90 minutes, which eventuated in Pacific Magazine’s fashion and health titles publisher, Jackie Frank, having to depart before Kendall and Kylie had even arrived. The publication also reports that guests were instructed that no photos of the girls were to be taken at the table.

Kendall and Kylie were also interviewed by Kate Waterhouse, the lunch’s host, where they explained what was on their bucket list to do while in Australia. “I really want to go inside the Opera [House],” Kendall explained. “I’ve only ever seen it and we just boated past it, but like I want to go inside, and then I think we want to climb the bridge.” Being Kylie’s first trip to Aus, she is of course keen to “hang with one koala”, just like her bud Pia Mia.

After the lunch the girls undertook a quick wardrobe change before arriving at their meet and greet and Q&A with E! Australia‘s Ksenija Lukich at Westfield Parramatta, where fans had actually been waiting for days.

Photo: Ashely Mar for theFashionSpot

Photo: Ashely Mar for theFashionSpot reports that a Punchbowl woman was arrested before the girls even took the stage after hurling eggs down to the stage they were to take from an above level. It seems like everything went swimmingly though. “I love you sweet Sydney. So much love in the air today,” Kylie wrote with a video of the crowd on her Instagram.


After a solid night’s sleep the girls flew down south to Melbourne to do it all over again. Snapchatting their hotel room at Crown Melbourne, it was quite possibly the greatest hotel room we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen these girls in plenty of other great forms of accommodation on their family’s series. There was an office, pool table, walk-in wardrobe, a gym and so much more.


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They conducted interviews, including one with Mornings‘ Richard Wilkins and  funny guys Hamish Blake & Andy Lee, which saw Kendall and Kylie assess Hamish’s man boobs. It make for a pretty hilarious interview, which you can watch below.


Kendall & Kylie Jenner Inspect Hamish’s Boobs

We put Ham’s boob scandal to an end with the help of Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner #KendallKylieForeverNew

Posted by Hamish & Andy on Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Changing things up in two different, black pieces from their Forever New capsule collection, because Melbourne’s all about monochrome, the pair repeated yesterday’s activities with a meet-and-greet at Chadstone Melbourne. “And marvelous Melbourne.. You were amazing. Love you guys,” Kylie wrote to Instagram with a video of the screaming crowd.

The girls are now headed “back to Cali”, where Kylie is excited to get back to her Italian greyhounds. It was short but sweet, but, with their combined 80 million-plus Instagram following, we’re sure Tourism Australia is having a field day.

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Photos of Westfield Parramatta: Ashley Mar for theFashionSpot

Photos of Chadstone Melbourne: Lucas Dawson/Supplied