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Model Bridget Malcolm Urges Haters to Stop Skinny Shaming Her


Australian model Bridget Malcolm, who made her Victoria’s Secret debut last week, has taken to Instagram overnight urging her 165,000-plus followers to stop with the skinny shaming. 

Following comments which flooded in on her bikini-clad Instagram photographs including but not limited to, “She looks like a bag of bones” and “Such a terrible role model for young girls,” the Victoria’s Secret golden girl has fronted her haters with an urging message to stop critiquing her model frame.

Bridget responded with a detailed protest of a post, writing, “Can we STOP with the skinny shaming please? I am extremely fit and healthy and am not in the slightest way anorexic.” 

Similarly to body-shamed victims before her, including Gigi Hadid, Ariana Grande and Genevieve Barker, Bridget took the comments in her stride as she endeavoured to shed light on the issue that is body bullying.

“I have worked hard to look like this and I am proud of my body. I may not be the curviest but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do. Maybe today take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame strangers over the internet about their bodies. Peace and love to you all. Let’s change the conversation.”

To be honest, we’re in Bridget’s corner. What ever happened to talking about the weather?