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WATCH: Aussies Slay In New ‘Gods Of Egypt’ Trailer

Gods of Egypt

Photos: YouTube

We’ve been anticipating the release of Gods of Egypt for some time now, and not just because Gerald Butler is one darn-fine specimen to look at on a gigantic screen for over an hour.

Following on from Aussie-filled movie Mad Max: Fury Road, Gods of Egypt features a good mix of Aussie favourites including Geoffrey Rush, Brenton Thwaites and models-turned-actresses and Mad Max sister-wives Courtney Eaton and Abbey Lee.

Filmed in Sydney, Brenton and Courtney both have major roles in the film as characters “Bek” and “Zaya”, respectively. “She plays my girlfriend in the movie and we play mortals together in a world where gods and mortals co-exist,” 25-year-old Brenton told The West Australian. “She was fun to work with.”

We can’t wait to see the pair in action, literally, when the film comes out in late February next year. Watch the trailer for yourself below.

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