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Maxim Editor Denies ‘Enhancements’ On Sam Frost’s Cover

Sam Frost covers Maxim

Sam Frost has been public about regretting her shoot with Maxim Australia late last year, but it hasn’t stopped the magazine from retouching and republishing the old images of the reality star for its December issue.

A photo of The Bachelorette Australia appears on the front cover for December 2015, looking like she’s conducted another shoot with the men’s mag as her hair has changed from blonde to brunette since the last spread. “The Bachelorette is back by popular demand” sell line doesn’t help matters, either.

“I regretted doing the photo shoot in the first place,” Sam explained on 2Day FM’s Rove and Sam. “Like I said, I wasn’t in a great frame of mind. I wish I didn’t do it in hindsight,” she continued, but felt “well and good” about the matter as “it’s obvious that they’re old photos” thanks to her then-blonde hair. 

Sam Frost's Feburary 2015 cover, shot in December last year.

Sam Frost’s Feburary 2015 cover, shot in December last year.

“But smack bang, right on the front cover, implying that I’ve done a second photo shoot I’ve returned to Maxim, they’ve actually photoshopped my hair dark,” she explained of the cover which has “made her blood boil”. 

She also believed that the magazine “enhanced” her chest and “brought in” her waist. “It’s a shame that they’ve altered it so much,” she explained, although Maxim Australia’s editor in chief, Santi Pintado disagrees. He told, “It’s no secret magazines retouch images. The only thing we’ve done is pretty much darken her hair from the shoot.”

He continued, “In terms of enhancements, no. We haven’t really done anything to her at all. It’s basically the hair colour. It’s an extremely positive story — nothing but love for her.”

The issue goes on sale today, November 19. 

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