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WATCH: New Short Film Takes Aim At Kylie Jenner’s Haters

Kylie (Please read description) from Will Rebein on Vimeo.

Let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner really cops it from the online trolls. Whether it’s a cruel Dolmio grin meme or speculation about a boob job, the girl just can’t seem to catch a break.

It turns out she’s not the only one this is taking its toll on though, with a filmmaker deciding to make a short film about the youngest Kardashian-Jenner member in a bid to shed light on how damaging trolls and “aggressive comments” can be.

Filmmaker Will Reiben utilised one of Kylie’s makeup tutorials for the video, “played in reverse to symbolise that the comments are stripping Kylie of her self esteem and identity” while a deep, anonymous voice reads out legit comments found on articles about her while in Australia

A lot of the derogatory comments focus of the comparison Kylie gets to her big sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, saying “I think Kylie is obsessed with Kim and trying to look like her” and “Kylie looks much older than Kendall who’s naturally gorgeous”.

For anyone who’s ever felt like they live in the shadow or play second-best to a sister, friend, partner or colleague, you’ll know how harsh those kind of comments can be. 

The creator of the short film urges people to remember that “Kylie Jenner is a real person; just a young 18 year old girl”, explaining that the “anonymous hate culture on gossip sites is out of control”. He believes that having footage of Kylie playing while the comments are read out will make people realise “how painful the words can be”.

It definitely made us feel empathetic, but, then again, we don’t talk smack about Kylie either. Watch the video for yourself above and tell us how it made you feel in the comments below.

[Via Vimeo]