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Caitlin Stasey Strips Back In The Name of Sexism and Body Image

Australian actress and activist Caitlin Stasey is once again fuelling the discussion on sexism, objectification and body image in her latest work for video series “What’s Underneath”, a project which sees participants undress to prove that “style” is not the clothes you wear, but rather “knowing who you are” and what you stand for. 

In a raw setting which sees the former-Neighbours star propped up on a stool in an empty space, Caitlin speaks out about sexism in her line of work, explaining that women have to be “cool with anything” such as humiliation, harassment and objectification.

Sexism in Hollywood is not a new revelation, with Rebel Wilson, Emma Watson, Rose Byrne and Cate Blanchett all addressing the subject when it comes to things such as age, workplace equality, comedic expression and sexual orientation.

However, at only 25 years of age and in the relatively early stages of her international acting career, Caitlin is a voice for aspiring youth who may be facing these kind of behaviours, because of their position on the path to bigger and better things. It’s not just for actors, but for determined women in general.

The Herself founder talks a lot about her appearance, like how having longer hair made her appear “more stupid”, how it didn’t make sense for her to take a harmful drug just so she could rid her acne, making her feel bad but “look good”, the way others will judge you based on your dress sense, among other subjects from the superficial sector.

Finishing off the interview in just her lingerie, it makes a powerful statement of stripping yourself back, allowing yourself to be exposed and vulnerable, yet being in control and confident enough in your own skin to do so.

Watch the full video for yourself above.