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Edie Parker Files Copyright Infringement Suit Over Its Famous Box Clutches

Edie Parker Box Bag Lawsuit

Image: WENN

Edie Parker’s famous bags are as ubiquitous on the red carpet as mermaid gowns. Her enamel box clutches come adorned with emoji graphics or personalized names, making them a street style favorite as well. They’re so popular, in fact, a brand is knocking off Edie Parker designs at a tenth of the price, according to a recent lawsuit. Filed last week in New York, the complaint accuses Box Bag and agent Beth Smolen of selling “handbags that parasitically copy Edie Parker’s protected handbag trade dress and copyrighted designs,” Fashion Law reports. 

Edie Parker Box Bag Lawsuit

Clutches by Edie Parker (Top). Clutches by Box Bag (Bottom).

Box Bag allegedly copied not only the style and shape of the enamel box clutch but also design graphics and the Edie Parker trademark. “[Smolen] has also misused the EDIE PARKER trademark on her website and social media, all in a wrongful attempt to exploit the hard work and creative effort of Edie Parker and create consumer confusion and attract attention to [Smolen’s] website and marketing efforts,” the lawsuit reads.

Edie Parker claims they reached out to Box Bag prior to filing a lawsuit, yet the handbag line continued to sell the clutches in question. Box Bag might have been better off responding (and ceasing to sell the clutches) then. Edie Parker is now asking for over $50,000 in damages.

[via Fashion Law]