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Complaints of ‘Sexualised’ David Jones Content Dismissed By Advertising Standards Board

Jessica Gomes

The Advertising Standards Board (ASB) has dismissed claims that David Jones’ latest #ItsInYou campaign sexualises ambassadors Jessica Gomes and Juliette Barton.

The ASB has received multiple complaints over the campaign video, which aired several months ago, with viewers claiming that the clips are “sexualised” and not appropriate to be advertised on a website which can be seen by a younger demographic. 

The DJs campaign shows Australian model Jessica Gomes portraying the role of a “Confident” lingerie-clad woman and Sydney Dance Company director, Juliette Barton, as “Fierce” while performing a contemporary dance routine in a rhythmic, flowing number. 

“This advertisement isn’t just demonstrating their product, the degree of skin exposure, the expressions and the movements of the models are sexualised and aimed at eliciting a sexual response,” one claim read (via B&T).  “David Jones should consider whether a website largely viewed by children and adolescents is an ideal — or even necessary — place to advertise this content on.”

David Jones was quick to address to the allegations, saying, “There are no lewd, offensive or suggestive poses. The underwear worn by Jessica Gomes provides appropriate coverage and is no different to swimwear. Juliette Barton wears a long flowing dress and her skin is only exposed as she dances, which is inevitable. Her style of dance is contemporary and not remotely sexual.” 

The department store also contended (via Ragtrader) that “The intention of the #ItsInYou campaign is that each advertisement will inspire viewers to recognise their own potential whilst acknowledging the positive impact that fashion can have on self-confidence. In our view, the ‘Confidence’ advertisement is artistic, sophisticated and empowering — not overly sexualised or inappropriate.”

The ASB agreed with David Jones’ defence and contended that no breach had taken place, stating that that department store is in fact targeting an older demographic and treats the issue of sex, sexuality and nudity with sensitivity throughout the campaign.

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