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Make It Stop: #GlitterBeards Are Now Trending on Instagram

We know men’s hair trends are a thing. After all, man buns is the most searched term on Google this year. There was also that merman trend over the summer. But nothing prepared us for the disaster that is glitter beards.


We were thinking of dusting off the glitter beards today. What do you think??

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It’s like men conflated glitter roots and full beards for one traumatizing look.

In theory, you might think glitter beards are a timely look for the holidays. But the final look is more disconcerting than dazzling.

In some cases, it looks like fireflies are swarming in and around the wearer’s facial hair.


All I want for Christmas is GLITTERRRRR

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We have yet to see a man wear a glitter beard without sparkles falling haphazardly around his neck like dandruff. Eew.


Gold is the new Black

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Some are even adding glitter brows to the mix.

And one went so far as to glitter-ize his tongue. Is this a horror movie?


I fully support #glitterbeards.. #holidayseason #anyandeveryday #scruff #teambeard #lovethetasteofglitter

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We can’t imagine how difficult it must to be to remove glitter from your beard if you can at all.


So this happened. #glitterbeard #twerksgiving

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Oh wait, this guy knows just how to put the glitter in — and get it out.


To answer everyone’s questions. I used old school Aquanet hairspray and poured the glitter on. Simple as that, after the photos I dusted the glitter out of my beard. Every bit came out, I barely needed to wash it after. You just have to make sure you use a good beard oil before hand. My bathroom floor however, will be fancy & sparkly for a while. #glitterbeard #beard #beardeddad #instagood #instabeard #glitter #beardedmen #pogonophile #beardsex #beardstagram #beardsofinstagram #November #noshavenovember #noshaveever #novembeard #beardlife #bearded #mrbeardedman #menwithtattoos #tattooeddad #nashville #tennessee #cosmicbeard #glitterbeards2015 #glitterbeardsunite #glitterbeardsarealrightbyme #glitterbeardsaresoinrightnow

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There are so many reasons why this trend is wrong. And yet, we fear this is only the beginning. Macaron-inspired beards are surely next.

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