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Exclusive Sneak Peek: RUSSH Chats with Daniella Rech On Her Move From Model to Photographer

Daniella_1From Karlie Kloss to Abbey Lee, photographer Daniella Rech has shot some of the biggest models in the world. What some people might not know, however, is that she too used to pose up a storm in front of the camera just like the subjects she photographs today. In an exclusive sneak peek for theFashionSpot, RUSSH Magazine has given us a look inside their new feature with the Aussie talent, explaining her transition from model to photographer and how the move gives her a unique perspective within her work.

Explaining that modelling didn’t really “sit well” with her, Danielle quit the line of work after giving birth to her first son, Rio, at 21 years of age. She still credits the job in her photography today, though. “I’m glad I did it [modelling] as I have no doubt without it I wouldn’t understand so much when it comes to taking images of women,” she explained to RUSSH.

Danielle was lucky in how her new career path kicked off, to say the least, scoring a backstage photography pass to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2010. “It was the first time I ever took photos with a professional camera and from that day I called myself a photographer,” she explained.


Catherine McNeil

Over the last five years she has perfected her style, now responsible for stunning, softly lit portraits, relying on experimentation with shadows and fluid direction to highlight a woman’s natural beauty. “One thing I now tell my subject is to move like I am shooting a film,” she explained. “It’s also extremely important to be natural in front of my camera and no posing.”


Montana Cox

Montana Cox

It’s not just her unique style that creates a candid shot, though, with Daniella also utilising her pre-existing relationships in the modelling industry for more personal snaps. “There is a reason photographers shoot the same girls often and also have the same team, because you get more and more creative and can push things further than what you would shooting for the first time,” she explained to RUSSH.

To read more of Daniella Rech’s interview with RUSSH Magazine, Issue 67 is available from December 3.