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The Heartbreaking Reason Why Robyn Lawley Won’t Have Another Baby



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Robyn Lawley is overjoyed by how her life has changed since daughter Ripley entered the world earlier this year, however, the model has revealed that she won’t be having any more children due to health risks. 

Opening up for Marie Claire‘s January 2016 issue, the body diversity advocate explained that she experienced “non-stop” pain after giving birth in February. “I had vision loss, ocular spots, difficulty operating my hands. I felt terrible and I thought I had cancer or MS,” she explained. “Everything hurt. It hurt to move. It hurt to walk. I’d rather go through childbirth 10 times over than the pain I was experiencing. It was non-stop.”

Robyn also revealed that she feared for her life as her health deteriorated, and what this meant for her newborn child. “I was slowly losing the ability to walk and communicate. I couldn’t talk because my tongue was so swollen. I thought I was done. I didn’t want Ripley to grow up without a mum.”

After a week in a Sydney hospital, the 26-year-old beauty was diagnosed with antiphospholipid antibody syndrome with SLE lupus, a rare auto-immune condition that causes immune cells to attack healthy cells.

Robyn will not put her health at risk again, saying, “I won’t get pregnant again out of pure fear.” She continued, “If I had another attack while I was pregnant, the medicine I’d have to take is so hardcore it’d probably cause health problems for the baby. It’s too risky, so I am done.”

Robyn’s full Marie Claire feature will be available from news stands on Thursday.

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