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The 90s Are Back, According to Google Shopping Searches

Image: Getty

Image: Getty

According to Google, our shopping habits are the equivalent of a Throwback Thursday post. Adidas Superstars, Levi’s jeans and bomber jackets are among the top items trending on the search engine, WWD reports. Google compared online retail trends from October 2014 to October of this year and discovered that we’re all trying to relive the 90s with our clothing purchases. 

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In fact, interest in bomber jackets, Levi’s jeans and Adidas Superstars doubled from that of last year because it’s obviously still 1993. Other popular items include adult onesies (thank you Katy Perry), toy drones, hoverboards, smart watches and smart TVs. Most surprisingly, there’s been an uptick in purchases of Polaroid cameras and Fujifilm Instax. Next thing you know, we’ll be buying cassette tapes and Walkmans again. 

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Who else is planning to cap off this bout of nostalgia by rewatching Clueless in Tommy Hilfiger boxers Christmas morning? 

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