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Man Fired After Targeting Clementine Ford With Sexually Explicit Comment

Clementine Ford

Image: Facebook

We’re not sure when some people will get it, but online bullying is never OK. Thank the skies above for women like Clementine Ford who will absolutely not stand for this behaviour, the kind which saw a Sydney man get fired from his job after commenting “slut” on the feminist writer’s Facebook page.

Well known for naming and shaming trolls online, Clementine shared a screen grab of her interaction with Michael Nolan on Friday, tagging his now-former employer, Meriton Apartments, in the post. “I wonder if the folks over at Meriton Apartments are aware that a man listing himself as a supervisor for their business likes to leave comments on women’s facebook pages calling them sluts. I wonder if they are also aware that he is a racist,” she wrote.

I wonder if the folks over at Meriton Apartments are aware that a man listing himself as a supervisor for their business…

Posted by Clementine Ford on Thursday, 26 November 2015

The company was quick to assure Clementine that “Meriton Group does not condone this type of behaviour”, explaining that Michael was “removed” from the Meriton site over the weekend “pending an investigation”. By 2.30 p.m yesterday, he was fired.

Update on Michael Nolan:I’ve just received this message from the Meriton Serviced Apartments Group, and I wanted to…

Posted by Clementine Ford on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Clementine praised the company for its decision, saying “It’s very reassuring to see a business adopt this policy towards their staff” and that she appreciates “their handling of the matter”.

She is urging others to realise that she did not cause a man to lose his job, rather he is responsible for his own actions and “the attitude he holds”. “I’d also like to say that consequences for online behaviour are nothing new. Typically though, it’s girls and women who are expected to ‘know better’ when it comes to posting things online. Tables are turning, boys,” she said.

Clementine’s actions come after she criticised Sunrise for asking what it would take for “women to get the message” about taking and sending nude photos, which she hit back at by sharing a semi-nude photo of herself saying “Hey #Sunrise Get F***ed” written across her chest, speaking out about online misogyny.