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Watch: Kendall Jenner Remakes ‘Jaws’ and ‘Psycho’ in Sexy #LoveAdvent Video

Leave it to Kendall Jenner to make a Jaws-inspired video sexy. The top model filmed a clip for #LoveAdvent’s annual calendar, the first in a series of videos that Love Magazine will release daily until Christmas. Shot by Doug Inglish and styled by Ryan Hastings, the video finds the 20-year-old breaking into a house while Jaws-inspired music plays, wearing Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, a pair of black panties and a hammerhead shark outfit.

This is not your typical left shark costume though. Jenner’s outfit features a sheer mini shirtdress and a giant shark head, making it more sexy than silly. Things get really, ahem, Psycho when shark Kendall encounters another version of herself showering (in a bikini) oblivious to the “danger” that lurks outside the glass door. The video is sexy, playful and charming in true Kendall Jenner fashion. Watch the first #LoveAdvent clip of the holiday season above.

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