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Fashion Industry Hits Back At Fat-Shaming ‘Organisation’ By Spreading the Love Instead

The British Transport Police are currently investigating an “organisation” which hands out fat-shaming cards on the London Tube, but, in the meantime, members of the fashion industry are working together to derail the “Overweight Haters Ltd” mission of making people feel crappy about themselves, using forms of totally acceptable retaliation to spread good vibes instead.

Too busy being, ah, horrible people, Overweight Haters Ltd forgot to register their domain name online, making way for plus-size label Navabi to swoop in and let everyone in on its own little agenda.

The clothing brand has been handing out cards which instead read “You Are Great” and are encouraging others to do the same with artwork provided on the website. “Hopefully we made a few people feel good, rather than making people feel bad,” the website read.

Not Dressed as Lamb fashion blogger, Catherine Summers, also created her own version of the card called “Bigot Detesters Ltd”, hitting back at every hurtful insult on the original card in fine form. “Decent human beings dislike and resent bigots,” is how it kicks off, but you can read the rest of the fabulous literature for yourself in the tweet below.

Keep spreading that love, you guys, and show these bullies who’s boss.