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Taylor Swift’s Crew Boots Aussie Media Off Hamilton Island

Taylor Swift

Photo: WENN

Half a dozen security personnel have politely booted a Sunrise TV crew off Hamilton Island ahead of Taylor Swift’s rumoured 26th birthday bash in the tropical location.

Sunrise Brisbane correspondent Michelle Tapper and her team were met by security as they touched down on the island yesterday, being informed of a “total media ban” before being escorted back to the mainland. 

“Apparently there is a media ban and they have promised Taylor Swift privacy,” Michelle told The Daily Edition. “I had no idea about the media ban before we even went there and I’ve never actually heard of such a thing, encompassing an entire island specifically for one person.”

Michelle explained that she had never experienced this in over 20 years of journalism and sought advice to find out if such a ban was legal, which it is because the island is privately owned. According to Michelle, who hopes there is no “Bad Blood” between her and Tay, a number of journalists have gotten onto the island, assumed to be under fake names. Shake it off, matey.

Rumours suggest that the likes of boyfie Calvin Harris and gal pals Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid are expected to rock up on the island for her birthday bash. 

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