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Sam Frost’s BFF and Dave Billsborrow Are Apparently Dating

Dave Billsborrow

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Sam Frost’s BFF and The Bachelor Season 1 contestant Sarah-Mae Amey is now reportedly dating The Bachelorette’s Dave Billsborrow.

Daily Mail Australia reports that the 30-year-old plumber confirmed his relationship with Sarah at Nova’s Red Room event in Sydney last night, saying, “Sam and Sasha [Mielczarek] introduced us a while ago” and that Sarah-Mae is a “good egg”. Sarah also told the publication that things are “so far so good” with Dave.

Daily Mail Australia‘s trusty “sources” said that Sarah was telling people the pair were “an item” and that after posing for a photo with Dave on the media wall was overheard saying, “We’re dating”. Could be a case of the rumour mill, but it all appears believable.


Sam and I having a ball on the first single date #bacheloretteau #darwindave #plumberdave

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Plus, considering Sam never even locked lips with “Dave the Plumber” who instead preferred to “hug it out”, and is clearly very happy with Sash, we’re not really seeing this as a breach of girl code.

In fact, Sasha and Sam’s relationship with Dave has continued strong post-show. Dave explained, “I talk to Sasha every day and every time I am on the phone to him you can hear Sam in the background going, “Make sure you tell Dave I said hello and how you’re going”.’ 

Sounds like something Frosty would say.

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