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Jesinta Campbell Helps Us ‘Live Life to Its Fullest’ With Her New Publishing Venture

Jesinta Campbell

Photo: Getty

When modelling, TV presenting and designing candles just isn’t enough, go forth and write a book a la Jesinta Campbell. The Aussie beauty today announced that she is publishing what we’re sure will be standout piece of literature, telling her blog readers, “I am writing a book for you guys!!”

The decision comes after people were regularly asking Jesinta about her workouts, diet, beauty routine, motivation and coping mechanisms, which she hopes to answer for everyone in her book.

“My goal is that something in the pages inspires you to be the best version of yourself,” she wrote on her blog. “I hope by sharing my experiences and lessons with you, you are encouraged to live your life to its fullest.”

Jesinta admits that the project has “been in the works for a long time now”, although when she first came up with the idea she didn’t feel like she was ready. Now that the timing is right, she is working alongside Hachette publisher Robert Watkins to push out “something really special” in late 2016. “This is one of the most challenging and time consuming projects I have ever worked on,” Jesinta added.

Sometimes the most challenging things are the most rewarding, eh?