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New ‘Real’ App Denies the Privilege of Photoshopped Selfies, Worth $10m Already

Who’s getting over the unrealistic, filtered and photoshopped images appearing in their newsfeeds?

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Don’t worry, us too. We’re probably going to see less photoshopping and perfect angles and more of the real stuff, though, with a smart Aussie start-up introducing a new app which is kind of genius. 

Creating a nifty little way to kick those Facetune and filter fiends to to the curb, the app, Called Bomb’d, works by requesting your friend send a photo of what they’re doing, automatically activating their camera and giving them only seven seconds to get whatever shot they want.

Then you receive that photo in all its unfiltered glory, right then and there, hair strands out of place and all. The friend does not have the opportunity to chuck on a Valencia or pretend to be at the beach when they’re actually in bed soaking in the hangover and regret.

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“People use Bomb’d differently to the way they use Snapchat. It’s real. They bomb their friends when they want to know what’s going on, not when their friends want to broadcast what they are doing,” Pedestrian explained. 

BombdForgive us if we’re wrong, but is this not the greatest idea? Friday nights are more easy to sort out if you legitimately know who’s in the mood to go out, who’s not, who’s beaten you to the punch and who’s actually ditching you for a “quiet one” with bae. Want to know if your friend got home safe? Send them a “bomb” and find out.

You can watch how it all works in the video below, which isn’t a bad idea considering this app is already on track to deliver serious competition for the likes of Snapchat. After launching a prototype at Schoolies on the Gold Coast recently, the app is already gaining a lot of attention with around 50,000 bombs sent a day and money raised at a valuation of roughly $10 million. 

Go on, download it here to have creative control over you friends’ selfies.

[Via Pedestrian]