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Michael Turnbull Announces Relationship With Insta-Mum

If you were hoping that Michael Turnbull would be Australia’s fourth The Bachelor, well, we’re so sorry but the “professional soccer player” announced a new relationship today.

The Bachelorette runner-up revealed the news of his love life exclusively to Woman’s Day magazine today, opening up about online store owner, social influencer and beautician Katrina Vincent.

Michael discovered the 30-year-old single mother and her daughter, Ava, on Instagram, where Katrina has over 24,200 followers, before taking them both out for a coffee and a playdate at the park. The 24-year-old real estate agent was in for a little surprise when Ava vomited everywhere, with Michael saying, “I ended up cleaning up vomit on our first date, which I have never done before.” Lovely. 

It was on from there though, even though Katrina admitted to Woman’s Day that she knew Michael was her “type” while watching The Bachelorette. “I’m blown away by the fact I am with him,” she explained to the publication, adding on Instagram this morning that she’s “fallen in love”.

Let’s do the math real quickly. Sam and Sasha, Michael and Katrina, Plumber Dave and Sarah-Mae are all loved-up, which can only leave room for Richie Strahan, right? RIGHT?

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