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Did Cara Delevingne Rip Off This Feminist Sweatshirt?

Cara Delevingne’s outspoken demeanor is as famous as her brows. So fans didn’t think much of an Instagram post featuring Delevingne and friend Adwoa Aboah in sweatshirts bearing the slogan “The Future is Female.” But when Delevingne announced she’d be selling the sweatshirts on Represent with proceeds benefitting UN’s Girl Up campaign, controversy ensued.

Otherwild, a clothing line out of California, accused the model of knocking off its T-shirts and encouraged fans to call her out in the comments. Cara defended her design saying Otherwild didn’t create the slogan, a claim that’s technically true. Its design, like Cara’s, is inspired by Alix Dobkin’s shirt in Lisa Cowan’s famous 1975 photograph. However, Otherwild does have a case against Delevingne. As the owner of the LA-based brand told Jezebel, “The slogan’s origination is from Jane Lurie’s and Marizel Rios’ Labyris Books (1972) and Cowan’s image of Alix Dobkin was used with permission. Otherwild’s reissue and redesign of the slogan is protected under copyright law, which mandates that any reproduction of an existing known public work must be altered at least 20% from the original.”

To her credit, Delevingne realized the error of her ways and thanks the Otherwild brand in her caption. Perhaps they’ve inadvertently found a new spokesperson for their “Future is Female” shirts.

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