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New ‘Instagram Husband’ Video Hilariously Captures The Pain of Social Media

We all know that plenty of fashion bloggers have “photographer boyfriends” who help with their success online, but, with everyday humans now so involved in social media and taking photos of their every move, the camera-wielding partner is actually more prevalent than we may have originally thought.

A new parody video perfectly captures how people are utilising their relationships for self-promotion, with brave men coming forward and discussing what life is like as an “Instagram Husband”.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall,” one man says in the clip, explaining that he is “basically a human selfie stick”. Another is also upset by how consumed his partner is by the social media platform, saying, “We used to eat our food, now we just take pictures of it.”

The video also encourages viewers of the video to seek help if they are experiencing the same kind of stress these men feel. “If you or someone you know is an Instagram husband, help is out there,” the video says, while the official website for the concept has a “symptoms” checklist.

It’s all very “haha” but we totally see the point of it. For anyone who has an Insta-friend, you know the behind-the-scenes struggle is real.

[Via The Mystery Hour]