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WATCH: Bella Hadid Stars In The Weeknd’s ‘In The Night’ Music Video

The Weeknd’s music video for “In the Night” has just been released; a cinematic masterpiece of sorts featuring the singer’s model girlfriend, Bella Hadid.

Directed by filmmaking team Alex Lee and Kylie Wightman, otherwise known as BRTHR, the action-packed clip sees Bella become a weapon-clad dancer amidst a bloodbath, a far cry from any character she’s had to channel on the runway.

With sister Gigi Hadid starring in Calvin Harris’ “How Deep Is Your Love” and now this, 2015 was the year for this family to show off their acting chops. They also have, um, connections in the music industry which probably helps things too.

You can watch Bella do her murder disco thang to the MJ-reminiscent tune in the video above.