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1D Fan Sits Next to Harry Styles on International Flight But Remains Cool: ‘I Never Took a Pic of Him Sleeping’

You guys, dreams really do come true. One lucky traveller found herself sitting next to One Direction’s Harry Styles on a 10-hour international flight from Los Angeles to Manchester this week, and appears to have remained completely clam and collected right up until she got off the flight and filled up our social feeds, inducing pure and utter envy.

According to Alex Lomas’ Twitter and Instagram, the pair had a “chat about everything”, and, according to Teen Vogue, she had even been reading fan fiction about him and lurking his Instagram before they kicked off the convo.

He was also “asleep for ages and he looked bloody adorable”, but Alex refrained from taking a photo of that and instead took approximately 102 photos of herself sitting next to the long-haired babe. “To all who are asking no i never took a pic of him sleeping its just rude and disrespectful!!” she said on Twitter.

Unsurprisingly the 1D fandom is going nuts and Alex is trending on Twitter. We’re guessing they didn’t exchange numbers or socials, because in any other situation multiple tweets and photos about your crush is serious stage five.

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