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WATCH: Your First Look at Steven Spielberg’s Adaptation of The BFG

If you were a child who loved you some Roald Dahl literature, then we’re sure the first official trailer for The BFG is going to bring back all the nostalgic feels.  

Although the Steven Spielberg-directed Disney film isn’t set to be released until July 2016, the suspenseful first look was released on YouTube last night, showing protagonist Sophie getting kidnapped from her orphanage by “The Big Friendly Giant”.

“Never get out of bed. Never go to the window. Never look behind the curtain,” she says before a gigantic hand comes through and takes her away. Anyone who’s familiar with the story knows that The BFG is not what he appears to be, so we can’t wait to see that part of the story roll out in following trailers.

Watch it for yourself above.