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Gemma Ward Apologises for Faking It When She Made It: ‘I’m Not Hiding as Much’

Vogue Australia January 2016 : Gemma Ward by Lachlan Bailey

Gemma Ward has one of the most recognisable faces in the modelling industry, because that’s what Vogue covers, Prada runways and unique facial composition will do to you. She didn’t always completely love the fame, though, lying about who she was during the peak of her career.

As Vogue Australia‘s cover girl for January 2016, Gemma admitted that she would pretend to be her cousin if someone stopped her in the street. “I’d say that it definitely wasn’t me. I feel really bad about that now. If they’re out there, I’m sorry,” she laughed. 

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It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be recognisable, it was that she worried about living up to her fans’ expectations. “I might still have a bad morning and claim to be my cousin,” she said. “But I am definitely much more accepting of myself and that is why I’m not hiding as much.”

Gemma also couldn’t completely embrace her success because her sister, Sophie, was still hopeful about making it big in the modelling world. “I was slightly embarrassed and I felt bad that it was maybe happening to me and not my sister, who really wanted it to happen,” she explained. “I knew it was a big deal, but I was also aware that I was very lucky, and that it doesn’t happen to everyone,” she said.

For the full interview, pick up Vogue Australia today.

[Via Vogue Australia]