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The Bachelorette’s David Witko Tries To Promote Teeth Whitening, Fails Miserably

We all know that Instagram has become one giant platform for sponsored posts, but the influencer usually gets the job done in a semi-believable way. Not The Bachelorette‘s David Witko, though, who managed to epically screw up what looks like an advertising attempt for a teeth whitening company.

Implying that he got teeth whitening treatment over the weekend, the “international model” told his 7,657 followers, “Got my teeth whitened at @perla_whitening the other day… Didn’t want to post until I was super happy!” He continued, “It’s a painless system and affordable! I’ll be back for sure! My teeth were at least 5 shades brighter after one session! #sunday.” 

If all the enthusiasm and exclamation marks weren’t transparent enough, it turns out David’s photo from “the other day”, aka “#sunday”, is actually a photo from the other month, aka September, so there’s no way he showcased an actual dentist result in his post unless he’s seriously talented at recreating photos. 


In one of the more shifty things he’s done thus far, right up there with telling Sam Frost that she’s looking for a “baby daddy”, David used the same photo for the post that he uses in his profile picture for the David Witko Facebook “fan page”. That photo was uploaded three months ago on September 8, 2015.

At this point none of his devotees have noticed the fail, including Perla Whitening, which wrote, “Awesome results! Keep on smiling.”

Rookier error.