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Derek Zoolander Is the Latest Addition to Mario Testino’s Towel Series


TOWEL SERIES 100, DEREK ZOOLANDER. #MarioTestino #TowelSeries @Zoolander

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Every model worth their salt has been in Mario Testino’s esteemed Towel Series, so it’s only fitting that the world’s most-loved fictional model has finally taken part in the project.

Acting as the series’ 100th instalment since its inception with Kate Moss, Derek Zoolander poses in a headscarf, biker vest and wrap skirt, aka “Post-Hanukka Daiye Spa look”, for the milestone shot.

Besides the black and white filter and the towel fabric, it’s not really what we’re used to seeing from this series, however, Mario has always asserted that the beauty of this project is that you can “wear [the towel] however you want”.

While other celebrities have been parodied because of their work with Mario’s towel series, this is the first original shot which appears as a joke within itself. Other shots are raw and the celebs, like Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kristen Stewart, appear as their true selves and not a character they play on screen. 

Who would you have preferred? Ben Stiller or Zoolander?