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Watch: Bella Hadid and Crew Channel ‘Kill Bill’ in New Love Advent Video

This year, LOVE Magazine drew inspiration from movies like Jaws and Mean Girls for its famous LOVE Advent videos. The hottest clip yet pulls from a surprising film: Kill Bill. Nothing’s sexier than flirting with danger, and Bella Hadid, Kelly Rohrbach and Stella Maxwell do just that in the steamy video, released on Monday. The three models embody #SquadGoals as they tap into alter egos “Black Widow,” “Cherry Pie” and “Whiplash,” respectively. They wield knives, throw mysterious suitcases into car trunks, drag shovels and whip ropes around. And of course, they’re dressed to kill in corsets, gloves, knee-high boots and Bella’s badass black hair. Watch the Gregory Harris-directed clip above and be afraid. Be very afraid.

Bella Hadid evolves from a knife-wielding killer to a superheroine in today’s LOVE Advent video. Directed by Doug Inglish, the minute-long clip finds Bella doing stuff normal humans do like filing her nails. But — wait! — she has superhuman powers. Bella magically transforms into a peplum dress and lingerie with bunny ears right before our eyes. She finally settles on a Wonder Woman costume and flies away. This is how everyone should get dressed in the morning. Catch Bella’s solo clip below:

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