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Rob Mills Opens Up About His Sexuality: ‘I’ve Never Denied Any Rumours’

Rob Mills

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Broadway babe Rob Mills has opened up about his sexuality during a recent podcast on Em Rusciano’s Deeply Shallow.

When asked by Em if he’s a “little bit gay”, the 33-year-old replied that he is “just a little bit”, however, he doesn’t identify with being bisexual. He instead refers to his experience of “pashing a few blokes” as actions of sexual fluidity. During the podcast, Rob asserted that he has never denied rumours that he’s been intimate with other men, saying, “Yeah, absolutely. I’ve never denied any rumours or innuendo.”

While Rob is currently dating actress Ellen Simpson, the Australian Idol Season 1 contestant also took the opportunity to talk about his claim to fame, Paris Hilton, while on air with Em.

Rumours first circled that he was dating the heiress after they were spotted kissing on a balcony in 2003 and spent the day together at the Melbourne Cup. After spending two weeks together down under, the pair reunited over a year later but ended things because Rob found her “not that interesting”. Rise above, or “Rise Up”, mate. That was over a decade go.


That’s pretty cool news to wake up to. #ghost Now off to #shredforshwazey

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Rob is currently promo-ing himself in the lead up to his role in a theatre adaptation of Ghost, portraying Patrick Swayze’s character of Sam Wheat. Ok, no biggie. He will star alongside Wicked cast mate Jemma Rix when the production is released in 2016. 

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