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Watch These Women Try and Make Barbie Address Feminism

Mattel has been making some powerful moves for gender equality as of late, like its Ava DuVernay doll and including a boy in its advertising, but a new experiment proves that, when it comes down to it, Barbie really doesn’t want to talk about feminism. She’d rather talk about the important stuff, like, you know, far-shun and what she had for breakfast instead. 

Using Hello Barbie (who talks back when asked questions) as an example, the clever kids over at Buzzfeed tried, and failed, to discuss with the inanimate doll things like the pay gap, Sheryl Sandberg and the fact that the US has never had a female president. Barbie didn’t want a bar of it, deflecting the convo completely.

We get it. It’s a Barbie, for kids. She doesn’t have an encyclopaedic, feminist brain. But the video kind of perfectly exemplifies the problematic way Barbie portrays women’s values, don’t you think? Watch it for yourself above.

[Via Buzzfeed]