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Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek Land WHO’s Covetable ‘Best & Worst of 2015’ Cover

Sam Frost covers WHO for 2015 Issue

One of the best things about ending another year is looking back on all the memorable moments. The good, the bad, and the things better left in that year forever as you move onto the next. Anyone who indulges in this trip down memory lane will be a big fan of WHO‘s year-in-review issue, which this year is fronted by reality stars Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek.

Look, it’s a pretty covetable spot and we expect this to divide readers, especially when the most Googled actress of 2015, Ruby Rose, isn’t anywhere to be seen. One Facebook fan has already reacted unfavourably, commenting, “WHO …….Who the F are the two in the middle? ?????????????? Seriously.”

People can deny it all they want, but The Bachelorette truly did take over Australia this year. Heck, even fashion bible Vogue reported on it, and that’s saying something. 

Although 2015 was the year that changed this couple’s lives, Sasha revealed to the publication that he is all for moving on from the year which handed him fame and L-O-V-E. “I am ready to put this year behind me,” he explained. “Sammy can put this year behind her with dating the other guys and that [on TV], and just concentrate on us two.”

They also said that they’re not putting any pressure on one another to propose, however, we’ve got a feeling that this interview was conducted before Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski announced their engagement news. Would it be safe to say things have changed? A recent interview on The Project says otherwise, but these two are so freaking in love that Sam essentially has a ring on her finger anyway.  

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