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10 Things We Learned About Teresa Palmer from Her Live Twitter Q&A

Teresa Palmer

Photo: WENN

Teresa Palmer hosted a live Twitter Q&A today to promote her new film, The Choice, revealing plenty about her personal life in the process. Because people can never hold back asking the deep stuff, the model-turned-actress spilled the beans on things like love at first sight, singing in the shower and working with Nicholas Sparks. Fellow Aussie actress Phoebe Tonkin even chimed in, asking her pal what rap music she gets down to.

Check out what we learned about this Aussie star on the rise below.

1. She’s a dog lover

She has a Shitzu named Luna, a Pit bull named Kohda and a German Shepard named Cato. Her dog also gets knocked up in the new film, so that’s fitting.

2. She’s totally nostalgic, just like us

Her favourite three movies of all time are Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet, The Labyrinth and Now and Then. We’d marry her based on this if she wasn’t spoken for already.

3. She believes in love at first sight

“I believe it’s certainly possible to feel that soulful loving connection at first sight, rare but it exists!” We’ll have to take your word for it, Teresa.

4. She’s a Star Wars fan

She wants to see it by the end of the year, and, with a ridic schedule, a child and only two weeks left of 2015, that’s a pretty epic commitment to make. May the force be with you.

5. She sings in the shower

The Kinks’ “All Day and All of The Night” is her go-to tune.

6. She’s great company

Her perfect date “would be something fun like laser skirmish followed by ordering pizza in and watching a documentary together”. Heck, count us in.

7. She dreams big

Actors and actresses she’d still love to work with are Cate Blanchett, Alfonso Cuaron, Joaquin Phoenix and Woody Allen.

8. She’s a risk taker

The most difficult choice she ever made was when she had to decide between moving to Los Angeles to pursue her career or stay in Adelaide, get married and continue her teaching degree like an average human.

9. She’s full of motherly bones

The first thing she thought about this morning was, “I hope that we get in to the preschool that we want for [son] Bodhi”

10. She likes rap

Not only does she refer to herself as “Fresh Palmer” but she also admits to liking “Acknowledge” and “Hold U” by Masta Ace.