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Damien Woolnough Quits L’Officiel Australia One Month Into the Job

damien woolnoughDamien Woolnough has announced his departure from L’Officiel Australia literally one month and one day since he kicked off his role as editor.

Damien lost his position at ELLE Australia to take up what he thought was his “dream job” at L’Officiel, but now believes that the internationally recognised title is “not the right size and cut” for him, mUmBRELLA reports.

“I love the brand (but we’ve all made the mistake of buying something just because of the label) and wish the Australian title well in finding someone better suited to their unique style,” he said in a statement.

Damien revealed that he has learned a lot from this experience and is now vowing to search “for a more flattering fit”. He said, “This was to be my dream job but today I’m making room for new dreams.”

Dimitri Vorontsov, CEO and publisher of L’Officiel Australia and New Zealand, said that the decision for Damien to leave was “mutual” and on “good terms”. Sounds like a nice breakup, no?


However, this split involved more than just two parties. Along with his departure, Damien also announced that two of his colleagues will be leaving the magazine as well. 

“My marvellous colleagues and friends Ken Thompson and Megha Kapoor will no longer pursue roles with L’Officiel and L’Officiel Hommes,” he revealed. MUmBRELLA believes that Ken and Megha were contracted as fashion directors for L’Officiel Hommes and L’Officiel, respectively. 

“After much hard work and problem-solving, we are left to dream of the wonders that could have been,” he continued. 

In light of these changes, Dimitri revealed that L’Officiel Australia will be moving ahead “in a new direction with new partners”, a new structure expected to be announced in January.