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The Best (and Worst) Time of Day to Take the Perfect Selfie

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Credit: Imaxtree

You’re all dressed up and ready to go with a spare five before your friend picks you up. Natch, that’s just enough time for a couple of selfies, so why do you feel like the photo gods are just not in your corner?

Don’t sweat it, and, please, don’t over-FaceTune it. While we’ve been going through life thinking it’s all about the lighting, angle or filters, it turns out your selfie game is actually all about the timing. According to Doctor Julie Karen, there are specific times of the day where we physically look our best and times where we don’t. 

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Julie told Cosmopolitan that at 10 a.m. our body temperatures peak, increasing circulation and making us look fab. “That gives skin a healthy glow,” she explained. 

On the flip side, late-afternoon selfies are typically a no go, especially at around 4 p.m. when our skin is meant to slump and show fatigue. Really early in the morning or late at night is also frowned upon by the dermatologists. 

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While this might make it hard to get that perf selfie before you hit the town with your friends, it will give you a reason to take a coffee break at 10 a.m. Double taps, here we come.

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