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Watch Taylor Swift Prep Her Squad Before 1989 Tour Appearance

How does one prepare to make a guest appearance on Taylor Swift’s famously star-studded 1989 tour? Does she test your knowledge of her song lyrics? Make you perform for her cats while she judges your dance moves American Idol style? Apparently, none of the above according to a new video Karlie Kloss shared on YouTube.

In the rare behind-the-scenes look at Taylor’s tour, the pop star is actually warm, thoughtful and hilarious as she preps models like Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and more for their big moment onstage. She gives them priceless tips to avoid falling and shows them exactly where to stand by recreating the stage using towels, floss and nail polish. We can only imagine how amazing (and effective) the prep session for the Bad Blood video must have been.

[via Pop Crush]