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Plus-Size Model Laura Wells Goes Nude As She Embraces a New-Found Confidence


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Aussie model Laura Wells has gone nude in a beach shoot on Sydney’s Bronte Beach with photographer Art Provocative.

Although the size-14 model bares all for the images, appearing confident as she floats through the water, walks to shore and lies on the sand naked, she admits she wasn’t 100 per cent happy with her body when the shoot took place “a little while ago”. 

“Looking back now I think how ridiculous it was to think like that. One thing I will never do is allow how I perceive my body to stop me from doing or achieving things,” she explained on Instagram.

The “plus-size” label means Laura can face both sides of body-size criticism, with some people not seeing her as big enough for the term.

“Where is there PLUS of anything? Anything less of her and she’d be a MINUS something,” former TBL host Ajay Rochester said earlier this year, prompting a heated reaction from Laura. 


Boo! #freethenipple @iamlaurawells ✌️

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However, even with so much attention surrounding her body, the environmental scientist has always had her priorities in order.

“When you are comfortable in your own skin it allows you to focus on things bigger than yourself and put your time and effort into making your world what you want it to be,” Laura also said on Instagram.


@iamlaurawells ✌️

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She makes a valid point. You can’t deny that the time spent looking at your side side-on in the mirror would be better spent doing, well, anything else, really.

See the full, uncensored shoot here.

[Via Art Provocative]