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This Genius Instagram Recreates 2015’s Biggest Moments With Barbie Dolls

Sure you’ve been inundated with “Year in Review” posts for the past month, but you haven’t seen a 2015 recap quite like this one. Instagram user ADollWorldAfterAll had the brilliant idea to reenact the year’s biggest happenings using Barbie dolls. Her posts couldn’t be any more perfect.


2015: The Year of Cookie. #cookielyon #cookie #empire #empirefox #tarajiphenson #taraji #empirerecords #leedaniels #lorethacookielyon

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She captures Nicki Minaj’s famous VMAs speech (“Miley, what’s good?”), the Orange Is The New Black cast, Cookie of Empire, Steve Harvey’s epic snafu at the Miss Universe pageant, Drake’s Hotline Bling video, Adele’s comeback Hello, Caitlyn Jenner and so much more.

Based in Sweden, the self-proclaimed doll lover went to great lengths to capture each iconic 2015 moment. She styled Barbie dolls to resemble celebrities almost exactly and even created backdrops like the inside of a Litchfield Penitentiary jail cell on OINTB.

Now that Socality Barbie is finished for good, this may be our favorite doll account to follow on Instagram.

[via Grazia Daily]