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Win Instagram With This Next-Level Latte Art Machine

Raise your hand if you’ve always wanted to draw a face in your latte. Well, you’re now one step closer to your coffee art goals thanks to a new machine.

Debuting next month, The Ripple Maker can create latte art with a simple press of a button. It works in tandem with the Coffee Ripples app (available on iOs and Android devices) to turn any hi-res image into a latte masterpiece that will surely break Instagram. Imagine the hysteria you’ll cause when you post the latte art version of your latest selfie.


I need this!!! Only for US $999 #ripplemaker print selfies in your coffee.

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But all those likes will cost you. The machine retails for $999 and requires an $85 monthly service fee. It’s totally not worth the investment unless you’re Kendall Jenner and you make six figures per Instagram post anyway.

Watch The Ripple Maker machine create latte masterpieces in the video below:

[via Refinery29]